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While we are sure the eternal city will leave a lasting imprint in all participants, we hope that they will all be happy to give back to the city a lasting footprint of their own by contributing to the plantation of trees in the campus, as this will be the feature taken by the CO2 offset of the conference. We hope to be able to plant a grove which will be named after the participants of the 18th EAERE Annual Conference. The label is ready, the land in the campus has been spotted and granted by the University Chancellor, and will be marked soon. Plantation will start at a suitable date in accordance with the contribution. The voluntary CO2 offset fees are:

Flights within Europe: 10 EUROs

Flights from outside of Europe: 40 EUROs


......for those who are even strongly committed to leave their own green footprint to future generations, we offer the chance to raise their contribution up to  100 EUROs, which allows to plant a pine tree. In this case, the tree will host a plate with the donor's name.  

The voluntary fee option is included in the registration procedure.

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